Lender Services

SBA Loan Packaging


 Alliance prepares and submits both the Borrower and Lender application packages to the SBA, resulting in the timely receipt of an SBA “Authorization” under the SBA 7(a) and 504 program. Alliance utilizes the leading SBA-specific industry software for application packaging. 

SBA Secondary Market


 Alliance prepares bid sheets and submits the opportunity to the investors. Alliance's experience ensures current knowledge of the most active investors and the highest premiums based on the structure of each loan. Alliance prepares all sale documentation and facilitates the loan transfer and sale with the investor and the SBA’s Fiscal Transfer Agent (FTA). Loan sale is typically settled within 8 business days of loan funding. 

Commercial Underwriting



Alliance Underwriting, through its outsourced commercial underwriting services helps Banks, Certified Development Companies and Credit Unions transform their operations and scale their credit analysis needs effectively. As a part of underwriting services, Alliance truly delivers quality by offering ‘an industry first’.